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Improve Response Times with Multi-Network LTE

bikerider in front of Ambulance and Police Car

Slow network speeds in Police and Fire Vehicles can tack minutes onto response time during critical events.  GovDirect is partnered with Sierra Wireless to provide FirstNet Ready connectivity solutions that help first responders and public safety agencies get the most from their mobile networks.  The Sierra Wireless MG90 router is used in Police and Fire vehicles by municipalities across the United States.  These agencies are benefitting from downlink speeds of up to 300Mbps using the MG90 connectivity device.  Having real time access to dispatch & location data, criminal records, and patient data is helping ensure faster response times across first responder organizations.

There is no need to drive to the police station to offload video evidence with a Sierra Wireless router in the vehicle.  Police Officers can livestream video to the command center over available cellular broadband networks when in-car cameras are connected to the Vehicle Area Network.    Video that has been recorded on body cameras and in-car cameras can be securely offloaded to the command center over available cellular broadband networks and WiFi.

Network Managers have the ability to update firmware on all radios in minutes when using the data modem tethering feature through the Sierra Wireless Airlink Router.  

Sierra modems offer 5G radio configuration, and real-time voice & data communications, enabling video and data communications across multiple vehicles and dispatch locations. 

Contact the GovDirect team for more information on Sierra Wireless use cases or ask about our Sierra Wireless demo. 

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