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Technology & Hardware Installation
and Management Services

We're here to help with deployment, installation, and long-term management

We are a full-service provider. Our technology specialists and system engineers not only have the expertise to design customized solutions but can also assist with the implementation and long-term management of those solutions. 

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Our Installation, Deployment, and Long-Term Management Solutions Include:

In-Vehicle Mounting

GovDirect is partnered with the most trusted companies in the industry to provide the safest and reliable mounting and docking solutions. Properly securing devices inside the vehicle helps ensure safety and give mobile workers more room in the vehicle. Our team of professional installers has over 25 years of industry experience.

Project Management

Assembling a plan and integrating all moving pieces in a technology deployment can be a large undertaking when personnel is busy with other projects. Let GovDirect leverage our experience to assist in implementing IT solutions that meet your deadline and budget requirements.


Deployments are quicker and easier for end-users when all necessary components show up together. Our team takes pride in organizing and boxing your equipment to make your technology rollouts more streamlined and efficient to avoid mistakes.

Records Management

Experience industry-leading functionality from your Record Management and Computer-Aided Dispatch software systems. GovDirect can help implement your team’s access to the only RMS and CAD platform that is built on AWS cloud and not migrated from an on-premise solution. We also are specialists in creating customized data backup solutions for all your evidence collection.

Imaging Services

Maintaining a consistent agency image is important, and we can be the resource you use to load that image onto devices before they are deployed. Several agencies we work with either do not have the internal resources to manage these duties or they need to deploy to various locations so utilizing GovDirect to manage this makes it a more efficient and cost-effective process.

Security Solutions

Every endpoint has the potential to bring threats to your network. Work with our team to get industry-leading two-factor authentication, advanced threat protection, and spam filtering solutions for email that can save your organization the money and headaches associated with cybercrime. GovDirect can also provide online training for your team on best practices for maintaining network security.

Mobile Communications

Wireless communications are one of the most vital pieces of a healthy technology environment. We work with trusted partners to provide customers with reliable mobile rugged routers, high-gain antennas, and cellular access. We can assist you in getting the best field connections from simple LTE on a laptop to a FirstNet ready rugged mobile routers. No two applications are the same and our team is trained to help you select the best wireless solution for your region and implementation needs.

In-Car Video Installation

Our team of installation experts has managed the deployment of thousands of in-car camera systems. Whether it is your first time installing digital evidence capture, or you are simply replacing old gear with new equipment, our team is dedicated to seeing your project through to the desired outcome.

Product Training

Solution experts can help train staff on how to use the technology you have purchased. Post-deployment specialists will consult with your information technology staff and the end-users to ensure you are ready to get the most performance from your gear.

Vehicle Storage Solutions

Whether technology is being installed near the driver or in the trunk of the vehicle, work with experts to make sure you are getting the most usable space. Rugged and reliable storage solutions hold equipment in its place to ensure safety for passengers.

Implementation Services

GovDirect’s installation teams have managed deployments for fleets with thousands of vehicles to agencies with 5 cars. Leverage our experience to ease the burden of technology rollouts and vehicle installations. We can help plan and execute the logistics of your deployment so your time and focus are spent on the things you do best.

Ongoing Customer Support

Our mission is to be your trusted advisor from purchase to deployment and beyond. Account Managers at GovDirect take pride in developing and maintaining a mutually beneficial partnership between our organizations to ensure your long-term satisfaction with the solutions we offer. We want to be your go-to partner for many years to come.

Inventory Management

We know that maintaining your inventory of mobile computing can be challenging. For this reason, we can work with your team to keep you up to date on new models coming to market and to store inventory for you in our warehouse so you have hot-swappable units available when needed


Get visibility beyond the ground level and collect footage that can assist with crash clean-up, search and rescue missions, and get better vantage points during intense situations when seconds count.

Ready to explore the custom solution for your agency?

Our team of experts is here to help you implement and manage solutions to make your agency more safe, efficient, and effective. 

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