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Police Hardware & Technology Solutions

The latest technology and hardware solutions for your Law Enforcement agency

We take pride in providing technology solutions that keep first responders situationally aware and securely connected to applications that help save lives and keep communities safe.  GovDirect assists agencies, both large and small, with customized technology plans that accommodate specific budget & timeline requirements.

Our Solutions Include

Our team is here to help with deployment and installation 

We are a full-service provider. Our technology specialists and system engineers not only have the expertise to design customized solutions but can also assist with the implementation and long-term management of those solutions. 

  • In-Vehicle Mounting
  • Kitting
  • Project Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Imaging
  • Data Management
  • Security Solutions
  • Mobile Communications Deployment
  • In-Car Video Installation
  • Product Training
  • Vehicle Storage Solutions
  • Implementation Services
  • Ongoing customer support contracts (post-deployment services)

Ready to explore the custom solution for your agency?

Our experienced team is here to find solutions to make your agency more safe, effective, and efficient.

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