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Security Solutions That Work
GovDirect clients benefit from GovDirect’s close partnerships with the best network security companies in the industry today, such as Cisco Systems and Check Point Security Technologies. GovDirect understands that the most important asset a company has is the data stored on its network, and that data must be protected at any cost.
GovDirect is not content in simply installing a firewall to ensure your network is well-protected—they take the time to identify your specific business needs and the areas that require the most urgent attention, then determine the best products and solutions that will keep your network running smoothly. GovDirect recommends a Network Wellness Audit for companies interested in finding out more about the security and effectiveness of their network.

Virus Protection
Information can be tampered with or corrupted fairly easily by online threats. GovDirect will review and diagnose your servers and workstations for adequate anti-virus protection. Along with their technology partners, GovDirect professionals can install filters allowing you to screen and manage incoming and stored email files and new downloads.

Is your information getting to your client? GovDirect professionals can install data transmission protocols, which allow clients or employees access to data with a simple username and password. More complex authentication can also be implemented.
The worst-case scenario becomes a reality and your company data is lost. Don’t press the panic button just yet! GovDirect can help avert one of the single largest potential impacts on a business. As part of your Network Wellness Audit, GovDirect will review your file-saving process and make sure you have appropriate back-up software in place. These provisions ensure data recovery is possible even if disaster strikes.

Security and Penetration Analysis
GovDirect can provide highly customized security analysis and ethical hacking skills are employed to provide detailed penetration studies.

Network Security
What if your network information is not protected from those who would steal it and use it for purposes you never intended? GovDirect can install dedicated servers equipped with security measures such as dial-back features or software-ba

Security For Your Network
GovDirect will proactively manage your network round-the-clock and prevent problems before they arise. No more waiting until problems begin to negatively affect your company. Under Gov Assurance, you’ll never have to worry about your IT infrastructure again. Rest assured that if there’s a problem, GovDirect engineers are already fixing it.
Best of all, unlike most IT support services that are based on an hourly rate (often called “nickel and dime” contracts), Gov Assurance is based on a flat monthly fee. This saves businesses from monthly billing fluctuations and the hassles that come from network downtime. It’s the perfect solution for small to medium-sized businesses.