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GovDirect now an Exclusive Distributor of Zone Defense

GovDirect’s focus has always been on providing the best in class solutions to our customers which is why we became an Exclusive Distributor of Zone Defense solutions. This partnership was an ideal opportunity to provide back-up camera solutions to our federal customers. Zone Defense and GovDirect’s mission is to keep our customers safe and safer for those who share the road with you. In an effort to purchasing Zone Defense products easier a website was created to offer these products to everyone with just a click of a button. Check out the new website at

About Zone Defense

Zone Defense was specifically created to produce quality components for accident avoidance systems in the transportation industry. These solutions are so diverse they can be found in a multitude of industry’s such as first responders (fire trucks, police cars, ambulances), the waste industry (garbage trucks), buses (school and cross-country bus systems), delivery services (international and local freight), RV and general construction and municipal vehicles.

Why Zone Defense?

Zone Defense systems are designed for quick install with little impact on your production line or service fleet maintenance departments with easy add-on components makes expanding all our systems simple. Zone Defense systems are designed for commercial applications and there are no environments we can’t handle. Zone Defense is a leading supplier of back up camera systems, monitors, sensors, recording devises, accessories and other visual safety solutions worldwide to the commercial vehicle market. With an extensive selection of accessories, cables and adapters we have the solution to meet your business needs. Offices worldwide to better serve our customers Florida, Indiana, Canada and Hong Kong.

No Zone Campaign

In 1994, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration introduced a campaign called ‘No-Zone’ or ‘Share the Road’ to educate the driving public on how to safely share the road with trucks and buses.  The goal was to increase awareness of danger areas or No Zones areas like blind spots, around commercial vehicles, where cars can disappear from the view of the driver.  Crashes are more likely to occur in these No Zones leading to injuries, property damage and even death.  Through educating the driving public with this campaign can reduce the amount of crashes in the future. The FMCSA has worked closely with law enforcement agencies to develop a broad-based strategy to increase public recognition about truck and bus limitations in an effort to influence the public’s driving behavior.

Zone Defense provides various camera styles for multi-use applications as well as sensor, recording and navigational equipment.  For more information visit or call 877-266-5977.

February 07, 2017

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