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Businesses Network Security Compromised from Kaseya VSA Cyber Attack.

During the last year, several small and medium sized businesses networks were compromised due to the Kaseya VSA cyber attack.  The attack was executed via an exploit in Kaseya VSA, a tool widely used by managed service providers to manage their client networks.  Bizco's comprehensive managed IT service solutions include close monitoring of all our clients network security tools and cyber security protocols.  The IT support specialists have looked into the attack closely and our customers were not involved with this attack since we do not use Kaseya VSA.  Cyber security and network security threats are our top priority and we will continue to monitor this attack as we learn more.  

We understand the severity that several business owners are experiencing and are here to help any business needing additional assistance.  Cyber attacks are on the rise and it’s important to prevent and protect your business with a trusted IT provider and cyber insurance policy. 

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