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Custom Technology & Hardware Solutions for People on the Front Lines

Providing government agencies with complete technology solutions from hardware to services

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Complete solutions from hardware to services

Our technology specialists and system engineers not only have the expertise to design customized solutions, but can also assist with the implementation and long-term management of the technology.  We offer hardware and software solutions ranging from rugged mobility to complex technology solutions such as virtualization, security, and cloud computing projects.

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"Our experience with the Getac Body Worn Cams has been great...The training was easy. Our end users had no problems understanding it."

Major Chris Chreech | Wake County Sheriff's Office

"We've tried different models of laptops but from a reliability standpoint, from a ruggedized standpoint, we don't have as many hardware failures with the Panasonic laptop, they are a very well-built, ruggedized machine." 

Major Chris Creech | Wake County Sheriff's Office

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We are committed to finding you the most suitable technical solution at the lowest price available through their extensive knowledge of the product line

3. Our team will help implement & manage your solution

Our technology specialists will assist with the implementation and long-term management of your solutions

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Our team of experts is here to provide solutions that help make your agency more safe, efficient, and effective

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