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Zone Defense Case Study



Zone Defense was created specifically to produce quality components for accident avoidance systems in the transportation industry. Our roots are in manufacturing underwater video camera systems designed to provide video at great depths, so we know camera systems. Zone Defense develops, manufactures and markets commercial and industrial grade systems to meet any need and price point. Our systems offer unparalleled features designed for professional drivers.

Zone Defense systems are so diverse, they can be found everywhere: on first responder vehicles (fire trucks, police cars, ambulances), in the waste industry (garbage trucks), buses (school and cross-country bus systems), delivery services (international and local freight), RV, and general construction and municipal vehicles.


Back up accidents in company vehicles are costly, dangerous, and preventable. When fleet operations aim to meet safety compliance standards by implementing rear-view cameras in their fleet, GovDirect has the solutions and the experience to complete mass deployments. Many company vehicles need rugged cameras that perform in varying climates and can be installed in a wide range of vehicle models.


Rear-view cameras help detect people and objects behind vehicles to avoid injuries and damage to company property. GovDirect and Mobile Installation Technologies (MIT) have completed a project to outfit vehicles at 85 company locations with Zone Defense Cameras.


GovDirect worked with a state agency and 3200 vehicles are now successfully retrofitted with rugged back up cameras. The GovDirect team is equipped with the resources to thoroughly train employees on how to supplement vehicle safety procedures with the additional coverage and rear view visibility from Zone Defense camera and monitor solutions.

GovDirect is a woman owned national IT and AV integrator. It is a small business located in Clearwater, FL that is listed on several federal, state and national purchasing contracts. For a full list of the Products and Services we provide, please visit www.govdirect.com. Contact us at 888-2B-TOUGH or sales@govdirect.com to learn more