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GovDirect and Panasonic Technology Announcements- NEW Body Worn and In Car Video Solutions

We are excited to announce Public Sector technology updates from Panasonic and other partners in time for July budgets!  If you need demos or budgetary/competitive pricing on any of the products listed below,  please reach out to our team at sales@govdirect.com.

  • Panasonic’s upgraded body worn cameras have a battery life of 12+ hours and have an IP67 rating to ensure evidence capture doesn’t stop- rain or shine.  See full specs here.
  • Whether you are considering new tablets, laptops, or an all-in-one, Panasonic Toughbook has you covered.  See Toughbook configurations exclusively designed and priced for Public Sector on page 2 here, and ask us about your options from Cradlepoint, Sierra Wireless, and NetMotion if you currently rely on cellular connections in the field to upload evidence in real time.
  • If you have devices that need to be securely stored and charged between shifts,  see Bretford’s Store & Charge carts here.
  • Looking for semi-rugged options? See the Fujitsu Lifebook convertible options here.

A full line up of the technology we offer is listed on our line card here and we are listed on several local and national purchasing contracts such as NASPO, National IPA and others. Please reach out with any needs or questions.

Review the Latest Public Safety Technology as you prepare budgets

What technology takes the forefront as you prepare budgets for upgrades to your equipment?  GovDirect is here to provide free product demos and support as you plan for the year ahead. We specialize in high-level technology for public sector agencies, such as the following:

  • There are two new devices out from Panasonic- the 10.1″ Android A2 rugged tablet, and the 12.5″ semi-rugged detachable Q2 laptop.
  • We offer GPS Asset Trackers specifically for Law Enforcement- you can see more details here. These allow you to see real time tracking information on fleet vehicles!
  • Rugged mobile routers from Cradlepoint, and persistent connection technology from NetMotion improve field connections and reduce downtime.
  • Talk with one of our body worn camera specialists if you are looking to add or implement body worn technology. See how our customers at Greenville County are using Arbitrator cameras here.

We offer technology solutions on several state contracts as well as National IPA, PEPPM, NASPO and others.

Approved Technology on the Virginia State Contract

Wanted to make sure you have a list of the technology available for procurement from GovDirect on state purchasing contracts for this year’s projects.

  • Panasonic Toughbook mobile devices such as the fully rugged and detachable CF-20. I have a demo available, please reach out if you would like an evaluation. You can see an overview of Panasonic Public Sector skus and services here.
  • Cradlepoint and NetMotion mobile connectivity solutions optimize bandwidth over networks as video applications use large quantities of data.
  • Digital Evidence Management Services. I am certified to engineer and install Arbitrator solutions and can perform post-deployment services.  Panasonic Arbitrator solutions are listed on VA contract #E194-73322-MA2201. Reach out if you would like a free analysis of how you’re managing digital evidence today.

We can also support with free grant writing support services. If you want to set up a call or onsite meeting to discuss technology solutions that are available to you on the VA contract, NASPO, National IPA and others, please let us know.