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Rugged tablets for First Responders on FL State Contract

Several of our first responder customers are running EMS software on rugged tablets in the back of their vehicles. As your GovDirect account manager, I wanted to make sure you have the latest spec information on Panasonic’s Android A2 tablet and the convertible CF-20 2-in-1 laptop. These have been our most popular sellers among Fire and Ambulance customers as they are fully rugged and small enough to fit comfortably in cramped workspaces.

I will be at the upcoming “First there, First Care” conference in June and hope to share demos of these devices with you there.  If you would like to discuss setting up a demo or seeing budgetary pricing in the meantime, please give me a call. I would be glad to discuss rugged devices and the other technology that is available to you on the FL state contract from GovDirect.

Expedite and prioritize emergency communications

Get Private Network Traffic Management.

When your job is keeping the public safe, communication is critical. During natural disasters, states of emergency, or large public gatherings like sporting events,
subscribers’ applications (mission critical and non-mission critical) are forced to compete for network resources. Now, there’s a higher level of service available for your critical data
applications. This helps escalate the needs of first responders when network traffic is in high demand.

Manage network congestion.
Private Network Traffic Management consolidates emergency communications and enables your agency to control which applications get preferential access.
Private Network Traffic Management is an enhancement that provides you with a premium and differentiated network experience through Quality of Service (QoS)
capabilities. It allows you to create IP traffic preferences for mission critical applications, secure a high level of service and achieve more predictable application performance
during times of peak network demand.

Three ways to drive your traffic
Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Private Network with Private Network Traffic Management offers agencies three levels of service to help you map mission critical applications:

Benefits of an enhanced network
With Private Network Traffic Management, agencies can realize an improved user experience during network congestion through:
More control. When the 4G LTE Private Network experiences heavy peak utilization, Private Network Traffic Management gives you the ability to grant preferential access to network resources.

Faster response. Enable prioritized data communication using standards-based IP packet marking to and from first responders to help them react more quickly and appropriately.

Higher productivity. With more predictable application performance during high-traffic periods, your response team can use mission critical applications more effectively to help improve continuity of data communications.

New potential. Private Network Traffic Management extends QoS policies traditionally provided on fixed WAN to the 4G LTE Private Network, giving you expanded network control.

Access priority. During heavy network usage, emergency response subscribers get priority network access for essential communication modes, such as radio resources.

Private Network Traffic Management Core Components for agencies Traffic. Agencies can use IP Differentiated Service Code Point (DSCP) application marking to map applications into the Mission Critical Class of Service (CoS).
Bandwidth. Agencies can allocate different bandwidths for applications into the Mission Critical CoS according to the specific application’s requirements.
Access priority. During network contention, the network grants access to qualified first responder subscribers before allowing access to other subscribers.

Why Private Network Traffic Management from Verizon?
Only Verizon Wireless offers public safety agencies:
• Improved experience during
network congestion.
• Wireless network preferential access for
first responders.
• Increased control and predictability over
application performance.
• QoS policies from fixed WAN extended to
4G LTE Private Network.
• America’s largest and most reliable
4G LTE network.

For more information call 888-TOUGH-31 or email sales@GovDirect.com.

Healthcare Beyond the Office with Mobile & In-Vehicle Networks Healthcare IT Enabled by 4G LTE


  • An overview of how wireless connectivity is enabling healthcare to be more flexible and competitive
  • Considerations for choosing healthcare solutions that ensure secure, reliable, and cost-effective network connectivity
  • How 4G LTE improves the delivery of care and patient satisfaction
  • A customer success story featuring St. David’s Foundation Mobile Dental Program

It’s time for healthcare providers to change the way they think about their services. No longer is healthcare simply about healing sick patients in the confines of the office or hospital. Growing competition driven by changes in public policy and consumer
expectations mean that healthcare organizations must find ways to meet patients where they want and need healthcare the most—which requires extending care, and connectivity, beyond the boundaries of traditional healthcare facilities.

With the Internet at their fingertips, patients now feel a greater sense of empowerment and choice, which is driving the “consumerization of healthcare.” Today’s consumers are savvier, have higher service expectations, and are more comfortable with technology. They seek providers who not only care, but whose service offerings enable wellness. Additionally, sweeping changes ushered in by the Affordable Care Act, along with growing business pressures, have begun to turn the standard reimbursement model on its head, shifting from a pay-for service model to a pay-for-value model that focuses on wellness and prevention.

New paradigms in healthcare IT promise care providers the best of both worlds: superior care with greater flexibility. The growth of 4G LTE networks now lets medical professionals sever traditional ties to the office and use high-speed, reliable connectivity to enable key wellness programs and bring advanced care to patients anywhere and everywhere.

The growing number of healthcare professionals who see patients at home or even in their workplaces use mobile networks to ensure secure, compliant connectivity from anywhere to quickly update charts, check patient prescriptions, review reference materials, and communicate with the patient’s team of providers, all without having to return back to the central office. Similarly, from first responders to public health providers, healthcare professionals who do their work on the road rely on in-vehicle networks to transmit lifesaving information and update patient records without having to return to the central office. This white paper explores how healthcare IT administrators are enabling mobile Internet access through 4G LTE; considerations for choosing healthcare solutions that ensure secure, reliable, and cost-effective network connectivity; and the advantages of 4G LTE connectivity over traditional wired solutions.

For more information call GovDirect at 888-TOUGH-31 or email sales@govdirect.com.

GovDirect Offers Zone Defense Asset Tracking Technology

GovDirect’s an Exclusive Distributor or Zone Defense Solutions

GovDirect’s focus is to grow our business to better serve our clients which is why we became an Exclusive Distributor of Zone Defense solutions. This partnership was an ideal opportunity to provide back-up camera solutions to our customers. Zone Defense and GovDirect’s mission is to keep our customers safe and safer for those who share the road with you. Zone Defense was specifically created to produce quality components for accident avoidance systems in the transportation industry. These solutions are so diverse they can be found in a multitude of industry’s such as first responders (fire trucks, police cars, ambulances), the waste industry (garbage trucks), buses (school and cross-country bus systems), delivery services (international and local freight), RV and general construction and municipal vehicles. Zone Defense didn’t stop at back-up cameras now offering asset tracking technology.

Zone Defense Asset Tracker

The Zone Defense rechargeable asset tracker devices are a self-contained, self-powered asset management and monitoring tools. Specifically designed for discrete short term tracking on containers, trailers, mobile equipment, heavy machinery, medical equipment, employees, tool boxes, etc. When an asset is moved from its geofence location or stolen, your device can be sent a message changing it from asset management to security mode to facilitate recovery. Through the secure user friendly web portal, the end user can configure the number of wake-up intervals (reports per day) or other alarm activation modes on their individual units such as motion, temperature, fluid level, etc. as well as configure the notifications you receive under certain conditions such as theft, low battery, motion, tamper, etc.

  • Turnkey end-to-end solution (Device, Network Connectivity, Web Application)
  • Asset monitoring from any computer or mobile device with internet access
  • Built in cellular and GPS antennas
  • For units used in the USA: Both standalone and enhanced assisted GPS for ensured reporting in regions where weak signal may be an issue (large cities, indoors, underground structures, etc.) with a typical position accuracy to 3 meters
  • User defined alerts via web portal, e-mail, and text message such as low battery, geofence, motion, tamper, external sensors, etc.
  • Standalone device with a long life rechargeable battery (twelve months at four reports per day)
  • Available power harness to hard wire to a power source and trickle charge
  • Available wired and Bluetooth sensors to monitor and control external resource such as refrigeration units, generators, lights, etc.

Ability to private/white label both hardware and web portal with available API for integration to many enterprise software systems

How it Works

Zone Defense’s redundant system uses a pure GPS satellite signal and cellular assistance to triangulate your position when a GPS satellite signal is not readily available. When our device can’t get that information from the satellite itself, it pulls it from the local cellular towers to acquire your position. With assisted GPS, carriers have antennas positioned all over the country that are constantly pulling satellite data. Using assisted GPS translates into:

  • Faster location acquisition
  • Less processing power
  • Better battery life
  • Radically improved positioning in non-optimal environments


Our built-in 150 pound pull force magnet, gives you peace of mind once the tracker is in place, it will remain securely attached. With near real time GPS tracking out system will ping as frequently as every 15 seconds, providing law enforcement personnel fast data to track assets, send notifications to multiple personnel and view real time data in our enterprise grade portal. With Zone Defense Asset Tracker stake outs are no longer necessary. It’s as easy as attaching the unit and monitor remotely the asset. This rugged covert monitoring system is weather, dust and water proof enabling law enforcement to execute operations quickly to maximize productivity and use resources more effectively.

What Makes It Different

Four reports per day, our entry-level device has a six month battery life before it has to be recharged. Also available is a slightly larger unit which has a ten-year non-rechargeable battery, that also sends four reports per day.


This flexible platform offers a wide variety of options to monitor and collect the data from your assets in the field, with four analog inputs, four digital inputs and six digital outputs. Choose from an unlimited selection of sensors to connect to this devise so crucial metrics can be reported at your convenience. Sensors can be attached for temperature, run time, motion, tampering, light or fill levels.

Web Portal

At a glance you have all of the relevant metrics available and set up alerts so you can stay informed while focusing on other things. Coupled with Google Maps and Google Earth, you can see exactly where your devices are at all times. Managers can delegate to line-level employees by granting user level access and assigning them to groups. Reporting is easy and intuitive to create, they can even be exported in common formats like Microsoft Excel. This turn-key solution is our enterprise grade portal. If you would like the software to look and feel like your company we can accommodate that as well.

For more information on the Zone Defense Asset Tracker visit GovDirect.com or call 888-TOUGH-31.