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Accelerate your journey to hybrid and public cloud with CloudScape

Organizations embark on cloud migrations for a variety of reasons. Whether it is to reduce their infrastructure cost, scalability or improve their overall performance and time to market. One thing is certain, migrating applications to the cloud is complex and requires careful planning and information to get it right when you do decide to make a move.

Don’t know where to start? No problem.

You have been asked by your CIO to move some business applications to the cloud. Now you are faced with the challenge of knowing where to begin; what the impact of a potential move would have on your organization’s infrastructure. CloudScape doesn’t make the application move for you; it will do a lot of the legwork to get you started in putting together an effective migration strategy. CloudScape is the fastest way to turn infrastructure data into migration decisions.

Key Benefits

  • Identify immediate opportunities: Start small and scale your application migrations by finding the best opportunities to migrate.
  • Best fit for cloud: Not all applications are created equally. CloudScape helps identify the most suitable applications for cloud.
  • Application Architecture Considerations: With CloudScape, you will have all the data needed to evaluate how the app is architected, the level of effort required to move it, what impact will moving to cloud have on demand.
  • Reduce Target Cloud Cost: Evaluate cost and resource requirements for public and private cloud by comparing the cost of running applications in target cloud environments.

Start analyzing today

For more information about CloudScape migration, call Carl Steffens at 402.323.4805 or email at csteffens@govdirect.com.

Regain Control of Cloud and Data Center Projects

As you may know, jumping into data center projects without a clear picture of what is being moved to the cloud can become a disaster. CloudScape from RISC Networks organizes information to provide comprehensive details about the information being stored on your servers so migrating applications to the cloud is a cleaner, quicker process. Over 6,500 enterprise organizations have relied on CloudScape to solve complex problems and plan strategic business projects.

In a nutshell, the Cloudscape platform provides insight to the following:

  • I want to go into the cloud, but don’t know where to start.
  • I need to understand what I have in my data center(s) before I start.
  • I want to classify my applications to see which are easy/hard to move and why.
  • I want to compare cloud pricing between all cloud providers to make informed decisions

Get a more complete overview HERE, or schedule a no-obligation demo by emailing us at risc@govdirect.com