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Evidence Capture Solutions

Built on Panasonic’s tradition of video surveillance excellence for law enforcement, the Arbitrator® Body Worn Camera takes evidence collection to the next level.

The Arbitrator BWC is constructed with a single or two-piece design, making it lightweight and IP54-rated to provide officers with a better way to capture tamper-proof, unbiased video in nearly any condition.

Recording evidence in 720p HD, the Arbitrator BWC provides the video clarity needed to accelerate convictions in court, and seamlessly integrates with Panasonic’s SafeServ™ Evidence Management Software. By cultivating video evidence from the Arbitrator BWC in unison with Arbitrator in-car video systems and Panasonic fixed-surveillance cameras, law enforcement agencies can now depend on a unified evidence management platform to preserve every link in the chain of evidence. Plus, with flexible storage options, evidence can be stored locally, through the cloud or using a hybrid of both, to help control TCO and fit into any agency’s needs.

The HD-quality video capture offered by the Arbitrator® BWC protects your officers when worn. Engineered with features upgraded based on feedback from real officers’, the Arbitrator BWC provides 130 degrees of evidence capture with GPS metadata, pre- and post-event recording and easy offloading with WiFi. When paired with the Arbitrator 360° HD in-car digital video recording system and the Unified Evidence Management System (UEMS) software suite, it represents a comprehensive video evidence capture solution for your agency.

The Arbitrator BWC is engineered for law enforcement use and MIL-STD-810G-tested for resistance to shock, vibration, extreme temperatures, dust, moisture and other harsh conditions With a variety of mounting and secondary camera options, the Arbitrator BWC goes fearlessly where other cameras cannot. For the officer who is required to wear pounds of equipment weight is a big factor, so at 4.6 oz. the Arbitrator BWC is a lightweight, professional looking addition to your uniform. For questions, contact sales@govdirect.com.

Arbitrator 360 In-car Evidence Capture Solution

The industry leading Arbitrator 360 HD rugged in-car digital video evidence capture solution is unparalleled in image quality and precision for critical mobile video evidence capture. Full HD 1080p front camera delivers amazing clarity and ultra-accurate color representation, supporting up to five cameras of simultaneous recording for a full 360-degree view to maximize situational awareness.

Intelligently Engineered and Military-tough

Designed based on years of feedback from law enforcement agencies across the country. The Arbitrator 360 was built to survive the demands of law enforcement use, and MIL-STD-810G-tested for resistance to shock, vibration, extreme temperatures, dust, moisture and other harsh conditions.

Efficient and Tamper-proof Evidence Storage

The system is fully equipped with a tamper-resistant key lock, and recording can be activated based on predefined triggers such as the vehicle’s sirens or other devices. The system’s Video Processing Unit supports up to 512GB solid-state hard drives and provides full Power-over-Ethernet to attached IP cameras. Transferring and managing evidence is simple with the system’s built-in wireless options.

Capture Evidence from Every Angle

The Arbitrator 360 offers the industry’s widest viewing angle, with 360X digital zoom and ultra-low0light viewing, to clearly capture evidence from a distance, even at night. The system makes recording seamless, with 16 automatic and manual triggers to ensure you capture clear evidence.


GovDirect provides support for the Panasonic arbitrator solution click here for more information.

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